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Empowering Agro Marketplace 

Emen Market is one of the best smartphone apps in the agriculture field built to deal with the challenges and problems of broadcasting the in-store products of Agro Shop Owners to local farmers. The application assists in bridging this particular gap by letting Agro Shop Owners craft effective sales and marketing promotional offers. The mobile app stakeholders can use the newest digital marketing techniques across this virtual marketplace.

The registration of offers and discounts is a straightforward process and can be dealt with in a few clicks. As this medium enables to buy agricultural products online, the complete activity generates a superior local impact. The outcome is higher sales of the in-store products and stocked items with Agro Shop Owners.

We intend to build all our products on the core principles of SMART, SAFE & EASY access to enable agri crop production. We have enlarged each attribute of the Emen Market App and online Agro store with our product functionalities:

Easy To Use: This marketplace mobile app does not require the Agro Shop Owner to possess any unique Digital Marketing skill sets or specialization. It is merely a straightforward registration to set up their shop digitally, list the explicit products with packing information and pricing, and roll out sales promotion offers.

Smart Management: The application makes sure that the multiple offers rolled out by the Agri Shop Owner reach out to registered farmers locally. They can chat or have discussions on the proposal to assist them in converting the sales orders.

Highly Secure: The application makes sure that the Agro Shop Owner is marketing the products with end-to-end data confidentiality, safety and no information leakage.

Emen Market App Functionalities

  • Only registered Agro Shop Owners, such as traders dealing in seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other agricultural products, can put up their digital shops on the market application.
  • Agro shop owners can choose multiple talukas and districts for suitable local impact when broadcasting the in-store products and announcing marketing or sales promotional offers.
  • Leveraging this application of organic farming, users can set up the complete campaign in just a few clicks with accessible functionalities to add like new company details, product, packaging and technical agriculture information.
  • The stakeholders can easily recognize the most active product for real-time marketing offers to local farmers and de-activate the same with merely one click.
  • The stakeholders can get comprehensive control over day-to-day fluctuating pricing with auto and manual reply functions from inquiries.
  • Users can create, shape and share multiple offers from the same company, such as Combo Offers, Special Product Launch Discounts, or Special Festive offers to buy agri products online.
  • Users can gain access to inclusive management of digital farming solutions and orders generated.
  • The admin can add new customers and share all information with merely a single click to enable the digital platform for farmers.
  • The mobile app can easily blend the delivery functionalities of received online orders.
  • The involved stakeholders can effortlessly set up custom reports for the performance of the sales promotional campaigns to update and advance the marketing activities for more sales.




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