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Empowering Farmers and Community

Emen Farmer is an exclusive farmers app in India developed to address the challenges and problems of conventional working practices of farmers and the agriculture community. This unique mobile app platform assists farmers in accessing all Agriculture-related insights and getting expert advice on crop safety and weather forecasts.

We intend to build all our products on the core principles of Smart, Safe and Easy Usage.

Farmers receive offers and discounts on purchasing Agro products from nearby local stores and at local mandi prices through this app.

This farmer-friendly mobile app ensures sharing all the latest custom reports, information, and new technology updates in Agriculture, saving time, effort and costs for the farmers.

The farmer mobile application is entirely data leakproof. All the transactions are completely encrypted, making it impossible for any chance of fraud, ensuring a worry-free user experience.

This mobile app for farmers eases buying, selling and renting functions of Agro products and services from the local market for the convenience of farmers and the concerned community. The farmer can effortlessly deal with all credit and debit transactions with Kisan diary functionalities. The farmers get access to Agro news and videos for guidance and best practices on farming through this mobile app for farm management.

Emen Farmer App Functionalities

  • Emen Farmer product runs on three key components “Easy to Use, Smart Functionalities and Secure Access” for agriculture-based business.
  • Farmers and community users can find the nearest Agro Shops right at their fingertips through the mobile application and farmer registration portal.
  • Farmers can inquire, compare and purchase their needed Agro Products from local stores with the best pricing offers and discounts.
  • Farmers using this app for farm management can source their day-to-day farming essentials from locally known stores.
  • Farmers with this mobile app can blend the advantages of online local purchasing and assist in buying all daily requirement products from the most reliable stores listed in the application.
  • The mobile app offers multi-language assistance right from crop information to land tilting preparation and harvesting.
  • Through the application, farmers get exceptional advice and suggestions on agriculture and farming-related challenges.
  • Farmers get updates on daily mandi rates by each crop-wise and market-wise pricing to share with others to enable small farm agriculture.
  • This agriculture app for farmers provides all current and future climate insights, which help in the agricultural activities.
  • The farmer mobile app shares daily Agro news updates and videos to guide farmers with tips on best farming practices.
  • The agriculture app download allows farmers to have Kisan Diary function that helps in easily handling all credit and debit transactions.
  • The farmer app provides functionalities of purchasing, selling and renting various Agro products from farmer Agro industries and services right from the local marketplace.
  • This farmer-friendly app is entirely secure and safe as all the transactions are completely encrypted, making it fraud-free to ensure an enhanced experience for farmers.




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