How to start organic farming

How to start organic farming

Initially search, contact and meet the organic farmers, those who are techno-commercially successful in developing and operating organic farms. Visit their farms and observe what is happening on the farm

Then in the first phase, select one of the suitable Organic Farm to learn Organic Farming, by getting involved in day - to - day operation of that Organic Farm, by staying on that farm, on 24x7 and 365 day basis, for min one year time period

In the next phase, take care of min one acre of land, with full responsibility, to develop and operate Organic Farming on it and learn how to manage organic farm and how to produce organic farm products

In the next phase, get involved in the activity of promoting, advertising, marketing, selling of Organic Farm Products by joining the business entities involved in Organic Farm Product business

After learning production and selling of organic farm product, select a land and arrange the land available for developing and operating your own Organic Farm

Prepare proper documents having Business Plan, Business Model, Financial Model, Business Strategy, DPR (Detail Project Report), Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation Strategy, SWATO Analysis etc.

Prepare a plan of action for next ten years

Arrange the funds and all other resources

Register a business entity, open a bank account, set up a office

Select a good day and invite the people and take their blessings and start your Organic Farming Business

Wish you best of luck in starting a Organic Farming Business

Under initiative called “Project Farm-Gate Price” we have incorporated a seperate and independent business entity, “Emen Retail Infotech Pvt Ltd.”

Get the soil testing done before finalizing the land. Post that take help from some local professionals who’re experts in Organic Farming. They charge a reasonable fee in majority of the cases.

Emen Retail Infotech Pvt Ltd.” is involved in the activity of developing “Organic Farming Projects” by taking land on lease basis or rent basis or Joint Venture basis or by purchasing the land

Don’t go for direct marketing, instead tie up with Organic Stores and established brands. You can supply them keeping a decent enough margin to cover up your expenses and securing fair amount of profits. You can also go for tie ups with restaurants that prefer using Organic Produce.

If you are interested in getting involved in Organic Farming Project that we are developing, please feel to contact at

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