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EMEN (What is the meaning of EMEN)

  • E belongs to the Electronic Function
  • MEN belong to a Human

So, we even say that Electronic Men will assist you in growing and maturing your business, taking it to the subsequent level with our software solutions. Even it can hold our all three key company components, like EMEN, can manage your business “Easily” secure your data “Safely” & Work “Smartly”. So, we can better say that EMEN means “Smart, Easy and Secure Business” services.

How this Organisation Initiated

Company Founder Mr Ravi B Patel & his father have immense experience running an agrochemical business for 40 years, and this industry has matured with technology and smart work. However, when they closely observed their client’s working styles, like shop owners of seeds, pesticides, fertilizer and other agricultural products, they still worked in the same old and traditional patterns. 

Even though they wanted to transform digitally, they faced multiple challenges like heavy infrastructure investment, lack of know-how to operate computers, and the agriculture business’s age factor.

So, Mr Ravi Patel thought to offer their clients a unique solution and enable the entire marketplace through a specific industry product. And this solution will mature their business to the next level with three main and vital components, “SMART, SAFE & EASY” services.

Emen Retail InfoTech decided to start with Agriculture as their first industry. In that company, they found out the biggest problem for farmers is to get affordable and superior quality products for their farming from the local market. 

On the other hand, Agri shop owners had multiple challenges in getting more and more farmers, stock and accounting management for their shops. They faced issues related to purchasing and comparing affordable and good quality products. 

To resolve the above challenges company started three main products, “EMEN AGRO” easily handles stock & accounting, and “EMEN MARKET” markets the products in the local marketplace to get more and more farmers. With “EMEN FARMER “, farmers can purchase affordable and quality products from their local Agri Shops with different offers, crops, weather & local mandi prices and agriculture insights.

Our Organization Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Enable Agriculture Businesses and their Stakeholders through a Single Industry-wise and Market-wise Product

Our Mission

Provide a solution to all small agriculture businesses through a single industry-wise and market-wise product facilitating three essential components of our company “EASY, SMART & SECURE” services.

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