What is a recent trend in agriculture

What is a recent trend in agriculture

World is changing day by day and every day there's a new invention and innovation for us. Every day a new trend is in fashion. Not only in technical, automobiles and digital worlds, but also in agriculture industries there are so many modern trends developed day to day in India.

Conventional farming, is based on the perspective that resources are limited and the idea that something must be added to the land to make it productive. Conventional farmers already have to compete with each other for land, for money, and for resources and labor. Organic farming, on the other hand, works with the systems already in nature to expand productivity. The organic perspective looks to grow the base and make more productivity available by the farm methods, creating the resources needed. “The way farming is solving the problem; that is the difference”.

Research shows that organic production can equal conventional yields and even outperform it in drought. The other advantage is buying organically produced foods more than ever. Moreover, buying these foods keeps the costs of food for consumers down all the time.

If farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides, pests are likely to damage the produce. However, the latest trend in organic farming is the complete avoidance of the use of chemicals and pesticides, which would otherwise harm the health of the consumers. This is why farmers are only sowing seeds and watering the plants while using natural fertilizers and pesticides as compared to the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Moreover, since chemicals can cause cancer, farmers are even more careful.

New technologies needed for the future of agriculture in India

  • Enhanced hybridization. Short-term hybrids produce more in less time and thus use less water.
  • Drip irrigation.
  • Precision farming.
  • Drones in agriculture.
  • Continuous digitization.
  • Automation in agriculture.
  • Low-cost technology.
  • Portable hardware.

Farming itself is being changed by technology. For instance, they’ve developed a paste that transforms deserts into green lands.

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